Monday, May 13, 2013

What's Next

Ever since sending Bambi a month ago, I've been searching Colorado for my next project. I've put some work into a few climbs in the Front Range and I'd like to try to send them by the end of the year:

Whispers of Wisdom v10 (RMNP)

Yesterday I hiked up to Whispers of Wisdom for an early season session and was psyched to find it mostly dry and climbable. During a quick session with Bob and Tiffany, I was able to work out good beta for the second half of the climb. Unfortunately the second hold was wet and I was unable to try the climb from the start. I'm definitely excited to go finish this climb, as it's one of the best in the state.

Triton v11/12 (Arthur's Rock)

I hiked up to Triton last weekend and got to try the climb in amazing conditions. I managed every move individually and think I can probably put it together with a few more days of work. Unfortunately it's getting really hot everywhere outside of the alpine, so this one might have to wait until fall.

Desperate Houseboys Traverse v10 (Elkland)

Another cool climb up by Estes. The climb revolves around a difficult traverse on slopers into a committing topout. I did all the moves quickly and am psyched to head back up there soon to finish it. 

Added Planet v10 (Arthur's Rock)

I put some tries into this one in less than ideal conditions, but it's a good line with fun movement. I still need to stick the big move (pictured below), but I'll be going to Arthur's a lot and should be able to piece this one together.

It's pretty amazing to live in a place with so much rock and such pretty scenery. I feel fortunate to be so close to all this rock, and I definitely am not going to waste my chances for sends this year. By January 1st I hope to have all of these climbs sent.

Dream Lake- May 12, 2013

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