Sunday, July 14, 2013

Park Season

With daily temperatures in the Front Range consistently exceeding 90 degrees, I've been finding myself up at higher elevations quite a bit this year. In terms of fitness, I feel better than I have in at least three years. There are two key reasons for this: 

1. Climbing at CATS - I can't understate what effect climbing at CATS consistently has had on my climbing. Body tension used to be my biggest weakness in climbing and I am now able to rely on it regularly when climbing outside. I have also been a lot more motivated in my climbing because at CATS I regularly session with my good friends.

2. Losing weight - It's really a simple concept: if you weigh less it's easier to pull yourself up a rock. I have dropped 10 pounds in the last 5 months and I have only seen positive effects from this.

Lately I have spent some of my time outside trying to send two four star Colorado classics: Dark Horse at Guanella Pass and Whispers of Wisdom in RMNP. I don't care too much to argue about the grade of either climb, I will just simply say both climbs are powerful, tall, aesthetic, and scary. I managed to piece both of them together, Dark Horse in June and Whispers this month.

I also realized everything I posted about (besides Whispers) in my last post is out of season right now. For now I'm going to focus on Gobot v11 and Bushpilot v11, plus maybe something at Lincoln. Hopefully my friend Bob will continue his weekend flights from Baltimore to Denver to help me send.

Whispers of Wisdom v10

Topping out Whispers

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