Sunday, August 12, 2012

Lost Cove Bouldering

Ok so, first off I apologize for the lack of updates. I just finished a week in a cabin in the mountains of North Carolina and had no internet except for 3G on my phone. I'm going to post a full recap of the event tomorrow, but for now a post about the climbing we did in Boone.

So Wednesday is our day off from the tournament, and we took advantage of this by going to check out some of the bouldering near Boone, NC. Our friend Peter was nice enough to show us the bouldering at Lost Cove. It was very hot, but the climbing is incredible. We saw lots of hard lines and tried a bunch of moderates which I can't remember the names of. I'm definitely excited to go back and spend a full week in the south once it gets cooler. The rock is amazing and the lines are very aesthetic.

Tiffany warming up

Patrick trying a cool V5

I am currently sitting in Boston waiting to board a plane to Paris. You can expect a lot more frequent updates once I arrive!

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